About Us

In 2019, a group of property owners and merchants came together to explore the opportunity of starting a Business Improvement District (BID) project in downtown Far Rockaway with the support of the NYC Department of Small Business Services under the Neighborhood 360 program. They envisioned the need of forming a BID to support needed services such as safety, sanitation, and beautification currently affecting storefront corridors and the community. With the rapidly changing business landscape, new developments, and an influx of incoming residents to live in the new affordable housing developments, it motivated property and business owners to continue working towards a BID, that hopefully gets completed in the estimated term by 2023 – 2024.

Vision Statement:

The Downtown Far Rockaway BID Steering Committee has a vision for a safer, cleaner, and greener vibrant downtown that promotes the business community’s potential, advocating on the behalf of the long-term businesses while integrating new storefronts into the community. The BID will work on the behalf of merchants and provide new services for both businesses and residents, attracting Far Rockaways diverse community to dine and shop locally.

Mission Statement:

The major goal of the Downtown Far Rockaway BID steering committee is to create a formal organization to act as an advocate, liaison, promoter, and problem solver for the business community, and enhance the quality of life for all who live, work, dine, and shop in Downtown Far Rockaway. The BID formation effort aims to unlock the long-term potential of Downtown Far Rockaway in partnership with new and existing businesses, ensuring that the corridor maintains its economic viability in perpetuity.